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This section seems to be especially helpful to English as a Second Language students. Words that end in "ed" are abundant, and their pronunciation rules can be difficult to memorize. For students who did not have the advantage of learning these rules during the critical period of language acquisition (ages 2-12), understanding when to use the different "ed" pronunciations can be especially frustrating. Therefore, until these rules become more intuitive for the student in everyday speech, the best method of practice remains repetition, listening to their pronunciation when spoken by other native English speakers, and using them in the most common sentence structures. This page contains pronouncing "ed" endings worksheets. On these worksheets, students learn proper pronunciation of "ed" endings. Included are explanations and examples of the three possible "ed" ending pronunciations (t, d, id). Interested in using interactive versions of our worksheets? Want to use a study tool which automatically scores your work and allows you to review your mistakes? Have fun and help preserve the environment at the same time. Try out our online pronouncing "ed" endings quizzes here!

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