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This page contains printable worksheets on U.S. Citizenship. Below are links to a printable worksheet outlining the 100 official questions and answers for the new U.S. Citizenship Test. This is a great study guide for students of the U.S. Citizenship Test, and may also be appropriate for use with students of U.S. history. Note that while this list is an accurate list of questions asked on the U.S. Citizenship Test, it may not be a mirror image of the test an individual may receive when presented with the real thing. On this page you will also find a link to an excellent Online Quiz Simulation of the U.S. Citizenship Test. This practice test can be used to study for the actual citizenship test, or as a unique way to build or test a student's knowledge about U.S. history.
The above worksheet is a comprehensive outline of the 100 questions and answers used on the official U.S. Citizenship Test.

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